Lockdown Exhibition – Gallery 4

This gallery contains work by:

  • Ann Hickebottom

Ann Hickebottom: New Year’s Eve 2019 – COVID-19 Already With Us

Barmouth beach – oil on canvas.

Ann Hickebottom: Fire 2020

Oil on Canvas – Inspired by the eruption of Taal in the Philippines but could just as easily relate to the many wildfires that occurred/occur all over the world.

Ann Hickebottom: Covid Kitten 2020

Oil on canvas – This feral kitten was curled up on top of Ann’s food waste bin enjoying the hot July sun and was as surprised to see her as she was to see it. She never saw it again after having taken a photograph, but apparently there were several litters born in the surrounding area last summer. Ann says, “None more striking than this I’m sure!”