Lockdown Exhibition – Gallery 2

This gallery contains work by:

  • Brenda Jones
  • Judith Eddy


Brenda Jones: Breaking out of lockdown
Brenda’s picture was done as a bit of a joke and is very much “of the moment”. The background is painted in acrylic, and represents a city scape with the running figure made from chicken wire, because chicken wire is used to fence in animals. Brenda had to paint the chicken wire with black acrylic to make it stand out from the background.

Judith Eddy: Caverns at Llanfair
A Pastel painting, entered for the challenge at Brenda’s art group.

Judith Eddy: Tree of Life
A watercolour

Judith Eddy: Abstract Sculpture
Judith created the sculpture from sections painted with watercolours.

Judith Eddy: Tranquility

Judith Eddy: Friends at the end of the garden