Workshop: Portrait Painting (Oil or Acrylic)

Our next workshop will be on Tuesday 2nd October 2018 at Llanelltyd Village Hall, starting at 10:30am, and finishing at about 4pm. The cost for members will be £10 and £12 for non-members. The tutor will be Huw Lewis-Jones.

The aim of this workshop is to demystify portrait painting and introduce the basic elements of successful portraiture. The participants can choose whether to use palette knife or brush to produce the painting.

Students will need the following equipment:

  • A board or surface on which to paint
  • A palette on which to mix paints
  • Oil or acrylic paints (oil preferably), white, black, red, orange, blue, yellow ochre, burnt umber
  • Brushes and palette knife. I suggest 3 sizes of paint brush, small medium and large with the largest being at least size 12. A medium sized TROWEL shaped palette knife. The knife shaped knives are really only valuable for mixing colours
  • Kitchen towel, Turps or low odour solvent

Students will need an image of a person they wish to paint. I suggest an older person with a good characterful face. I attach some pictures of appropriate faces and you can choose one of these to paint if that suites you.

IMPORTANT: It will allow us to spend the day painting if you arrive having sketched the image as accurately as possible onto your art piece surface. I suggest you grid the art piece surface and grid the image of the portrait to help produce an accurate sketch.

Because of time pressure and limited space ii is probably best to restrict the numbers attending to a maximum of 15.  Tea and coffee will be provided but please bring your own packed lunch.

N.B. Please stay at end of workshop to help clear-up