Julia Wilson

Julia Wilson

I grew up in coastal Essex and now live in coastal Wales. Always attracted to ballet, plants and animals I started drawing at an early age, and, as well as enjoying gardening and drawing, I sculpted anything miniature from crinoline ladies, with minuscule ringlets and facial details, to bowls of fruit and stylish animals. Furthermore, I designed, and sewed, many animals, dolls, and clothing.

As an illustrator I work in a realistic, photographic style using pencil, pen and ink, watercolours, acrylics, clay, photography and a variety of craft materials, however, I’ve been known to do a few ‘abstracts’.

From an early age I loved to draw, paint, sculpt and visit art galleries where I encountered the work of Gainsborough, Arthur Rackham, Constable and Turner whom I greatly admire. My inspiration continues to come from nature and a deep concern that man must protect and nurture our fragile environment as well as our own inner being. With the knowledge that mankind is becoming more impersonal I appreciate the value of developing artistic skills as a deep therapy.

In 1972 I left Colchester art college, where I studied graphic design the old way, with poster paints, screen printing and cut and paste, to later take a graphic design course at Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida, U.S.A. where I learned the digital method; that has been invaluable to me.

Some of my work history includes:

  • Site drawing on the Egyptian Akhenatan Temple, and Peruvian Cusichaca Indian, projects;
  • Illustrating several books for Indian authors;
  • Creating artwork for the Florida Natural History Museum including making replicas of the Calusa Indian jewellery, masks and mannequins, as well as painting watercolours for the field guide of endangered species, themed hut and river exhibit plaques;
  • Illustrating Forestry Commission signs in Denbighshire;
  • Designing costumes for a fancy dress shop;
  • Making costume jewellery and flower arrangements for hundreds of functions;
  • Teaching arts and crafts in several public and private schools abroad;
  • Writing, editing and taking photos for college and local newspapers making business cards, letterheads and cards for all occasions.